Surface coating

Surface coating aims to protect and extend the lifetime of structures. Besides protection, the visual effect is generally also improved. KTW has a variety of product systems in order to provide the optimal solution for your building.

Inaccessible and accessible areas

  • Surface protection systems OS1 to OS5 according to the DAFStb 2001 concrete repair guideline (water repellency, crack-bridging and non crack-bridging coating)
  • Façade coating
  • Silification of concrete surfaces
  • Corrosion protection coatings
  • Hygiene coatings for the foodstuffs sector

Accessible and traversable areas:

  • Surface protection systems OS7 to OS13 according to the concrete repair guideline for parking levels and underground garages, incl. traffic areas
  • Industrial floor coating, incl. conductive
  • Sealing and coating systems for balconies, porches and terraces
  • Decorative coating
  • Water protection coatings pursuant to WHG (Water Resources Act) §19
  • Wear surfaces made of PU concrete, e.g. canteen kitchens, dairies


Image gallery:

The processing of the coatings is performed by manual application using a roller or coating method or by mechanical application in the spraying process.

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