Waste water treatment plants

Waste water treatment plants are exposed to particular stresses, such as aggressive agents and waste water that results in biochemical attacks in the gas compartment. Repairing these components demands certain requirements of sanitation companies.

KTW provides the following services:

  • Surface protection systems with extremely high chemical resistance, high wear-resistance and resistance to biogenic sulphuric acid
  • Grouting of cracks with injection resins and cement injection methods
  • Concrete repair according to ZTV-Ing. (Additional technical terms of contract and guidelines for civil engineering works) and the DAfStb (German Committee for Reinforced Concrete) guideline
  • Shotcrete and shotcrete strengthening according to DIN 1045/DIN 18551 incl. rebar connections/extension pursuant to HILTI
  • SPCC shotcrete according to ZTV-Ing. and the DAfStb guideline
  • Joint repair and sealing
  • Corrosion protection of steel parts

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