Wind energy plant foundations

Construction, manufacturing and usage-related damage can occur to the foundation of wind energy plants (WEP) and the connection area between the foundation and the foundation components (FC). Our range of services covers both renovation as well as prevention for new constructions. KTW Umweltschutztechnik GmbH has successfully renovated and/or sealed over 1000 WEP foundations since 2005:

  • Concrete repair with polymer-modified mortar systems (PCC)
  • Tested, highly elastic, crack-bridging seals in the 2k-hot spray process on a polyurethane base with colour-adapted UV protection (180 million load changes from -0.2 mm to +0.7 mm ? 25 year operating state)
  • Partial, highly elastic seals with fleece inlay on various subsurfaces in the FC connection area, even in the event of critical boundary conditions (over +2°C and 20% residual moisture!!!)
  • Foundation strengthening with high-pressure injection with specially tested injection resins (>190 million load changes)
  • Preventative and cost-effective foundation strengthening by installing injection hoses for improvement if required

Image gallery:

Highly elastic foundation sealing for wind turbines

- even at great heights -

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